Monday, 17 October 2011

The Best Creative Ways to Propose

Are you in love for the first time and want to say ‘I Love You’ to your beloved? Then let me tell you that you have just arrived at the right place! Quickly have a look at some of the unique ways to propose to the girl next door or the girl who sits just beside you in your college!

·         Just write the words ‘I Love You’ on a notepad, decorate the notepad with rose petals, and give it to your beloved.
·         If your partner has a passion for food, then you can invite her for a candlelight dinner in one of her favourite restaurants and propose to her while having food together.

·         Moreover, you can also take her out for a romantic movie that got released recently on a weekend and propose to her while watching the movie.
·         If you know her birthday, then present her a romantic birthday card along with a bouquet of red roses to make her understand your feelings for her.
·         If both of you are very good friends, then you can also call her up and surprise her by saying ‘Will you marry me’.
These are some of the best ways of proposing to your girlfriend. If you are not too sure, then you can also browse through the Internet and have a look at the various sample proposals.

Monday, 1 August 2011

Holiday proposal ideas

Are you waiting for that perfect moment to propose to the love of your life? Christmas time is the best time to knock your partner off by proposing to her in a very unique way. Why don’t you add a Christmas flavor to it?

Prepare a puzzle for her that says the four magical words and ask her to solve it, you bet she will get it right. Or you can take four boxes where you wrap the words and put them inside, make sure she opens the boxes in the required order and the last box can have the ring in it. If you are a computer freak then you can very well arrange slide shows of pictures of both of you and can at the end ask her to marry you. Sample proposals like these are always effective.

Opening gifts is the best part of Christmas and you might as well present her the ring and see the joy in her face when she opens her long awaited Christmas gift. If you are planning to watch a movie in the eve of Christmas then you can put the ring at the bottom of the popcorn box and let her discover it with popping excitement. Holidays are the best times to let your feelings out.

How to write Effective proposals

Writing a proposal can be a tuff job altogether. You have to be careful to insert all the details of the proposal and that too in a very concise manner. You have to “think big” for that perfect proposal. This requires perfect planning. You should be clear of why are you writing this proposal, what is its significance and how are you going to proceed with it. Sample proposals should be organized in such a way as to convince the reader about the importance of what you are trying to convey. 

Prior to writing your proposal, you should have the full knowledge about the topic you are going to write about, which may require effective reading and research in the field. The page limitation should be two to ten pages and you should avoid getting into details. Your information should be rich and convincing. Sample proposals often demand strong focus, skills and faith. You might also include certain references to major publications and bibliographies in your proposals. 

Whether you are an engineer or some research scholar, people reviewing your proposal would like to know your knowledge about the larger field you are interested in and for this reason you have to be really well-read and knowledgeable.